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Using field value to trigger script

Question asked by AndrewCrisford on Aug 4, 2015
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Using field value to trigger script




Im trying to make an inventory database, that tracks inventory movements. 

So far, I have a stock database, which is all the inventory we have in the factory.

When something goes out to site, i want it to appear in a new location but also subtract the amount that went to site from the inventory we have in the factory.

For example, if we have 40 kits of epoxy in stock, and then 10 goto site, I'd need it to subtract 10 from the factory and add 10 to the new location.

Is there a way to do this without the user having to enter units out, and then also adding a new record for units in? Because that could very easily lead to user input mistakes, should someone forget they need to do both.

So i was thinking there could be a script with an If statement, which triggers only if the location of the item is not equal to 'Factory', then also the calculation part which would need to identify the item name and its location then subtract by the quantity entered.

Im sure the answer is quite obvious, but I'm still quite new to this program,

Thanks in advance, you're help is much appreciated