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Using FileMaker 11 for email records

Question asked by PaulH on Jun 10, 2010


Using FileMaker 11 for email records




I'm new to FileMaker: just purchased FM 11 within the month. My default email system is Entourage, and I use it to keep detailed information of client activities  on the "other" (or notes) page of each contact. It would seem that FileMaker would be a better application for storing - and sorting - such data. 


I'm struggling with two issues: 1) With the data in Entourage, I have ready access to it on my iPhone, and it's updated every time I sync the phone and computer. 2) I don't want to enter the information twice. (Yes, I could output the contacts to a database file, but that's extra work, too. Plus I wouldn't have it on my phone.)


My question is this: Is there a way to integrate FM11 with my email system so it automatically captures notes as they're created and updated? If not, I guess Entourage will remain my main - albeit imperfect - "database" for maintaining pertinent client information.


Thanks for any info you can provide.


Paul H.