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Using Filemaker 7

Question asked by ed2 on Mar 17, 2009
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Using Filemaker 7 & want to set the database to NOT request a password.


I have been using Filemaker 7 sparingly over the years. In this case I created a new database to store research facts on ADHD for my work as a school counselor.  I had 3 records entered and looked up from my typing (I am not the smoothest typer) to find I was in the find mode. When I exited that my 3 records were gone.

I reentered them and a few more and shut it down. The next time I opened it a password was requested. I checked Help, the User Guide, and the on line resources. Finally I found that I could bypass the password by typing in Admin. Once I got into it I could not find any where that told me how to set it back to no security required.
File Options > Open/Close has no boxes checked.
File > Define > Accounts & privileges has the Admin account checked. I have tried to change it to allow no password, but it won't accept that.
All I want is a simple file with no security issues to mess with, and nothing that will lock up all my information if I accidentally hit the wrong key.