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using Filemaker as a calendar to link to contact information

Question asked by Jonnaschmidt on Apr 3, 2009
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using Filemaker as a calendar to link to contact information


Hi. I am completely new to relational databases. I prepare the call schedule at my hospital for the doctors. So, for years, I have used EXCEL to basically provide the names of the doctor for each day, as follows:


GROUP               SUN    MON     TUE      WED    THUR     FRI       SAT


Anesthesia        dr. 1      dr 2     dr 3      dr 4     dr 1       dr 2      dr 3

Pediatrician        x          y           z          a        b            x         x

Surgeon            j           k            l          m       m          m        m


The problem:  EXCEL can not display the Doctor's pager (or contact information). So, at the end of the day: if the nurse needs the doc, she needs to go out of Excel, into an old-fashioned Roladex (or use a second spreadsheet).  

So, I am  looking for a way with filemaker to display ALL that information together.  I use iCAL, and iCAL is basically Okay, but it has a few drawbacks:


a. Ical won't let me list the group of Docs to the left-hand side

b. Ical won't let me have different colors for different groups

c. Most important: iCAL won't let non-MAC users make changes.


Right now, I am trying to figure out a solution using the trial version. Thank you in advance for any help.