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Using Filemaker as an email archive

Question asked by ChrisSimmonds on Apr 22, 2015
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Using Filemaker as an email archive


I'm looking into using Filemaker as an email archive and have found an application to transfer emails from entourage to Filemaker. I just want to generate a seperate database for each project we have which can be shared on a server. I've done the export and have put the file on the server but have noticed all these warning signs about sharing a database through network sharing. I anticipate that the archive would not be heavily used and, if used would be by one person at a time. I also want the ability to take the file away from the office for filing on a separate machine.I want it on the server so it can be backed up. I don't really want to have to install Filemaker on the server and host the archive(s) as this would be an admin nightmare. Are the risks of file corruption really small if the file is largely going to be used for viewing records only and will  only be amended or added to infrequently?