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Using Filemaker as an Inventory/Stock

Question asked by remick80 on Apr 18, 2012
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Using Filemaker as an Inventory/Stock


Hey, I am pretty new to this and have a question. I work with 4 other guys and we are a small team in a big company. We have a lot of products we use (bags/bottles/filters) and a rather large inventory of it all. We want to be able to go to our Stockroom with say an iPad and scan items outs that we are removing, or if a new stock has come in we would wan tto add them in. The key points are that we all have access to the same inventory, and that when we scan something out it is taken out of the inventory on the iPad and the inventory on the computer. Also the idea of using an iPad for scanning barcodes would need to be possible with this system. We currently use Google Docs for our inventory but it becomes confusing and a hassel when we remove things and then have to go on a computer and edit the changes. Is it possible to have something like this made? Or is there something else we would need to do?

I have searched quite a bit, I found computer programs with scanners. And I found some on the iPad but they do not "automaticallly sync" to a computer, you would have to edit the inventory when something is removed or added. We want to be able to scan with the iPad, with the option of adding or subtracting, and then it automatically edits the inventory to eliminate the step of us having to do it.


Thank you. And sorry, again I am very new to this. :/