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    Using FileMaker Pro and Bento 3



      Using FileMaker Pro and Bento 3


      Hello Everyone,


      I have Filemaker Pro 10 on an Imac- Snow Leopard. I also have a copy of Bento 3 which I would like to install on my Mac laptop - Leopard. As far as my home Network, would I be able via Bento to get to the DB Etc from FileMaker Pro and work with it? Or must both applications be the same?


      Thanks very much,



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          Since this is the first time that I used this forum, am I missing some protocol of somesort in my question?

          If so, I apologise and could someone let me know what is missing or if something is not clear.


          Thank You

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            As far as I know, there's no way to use a filemaker database with Bento.  You could import the filemaker records by exporting them to an excel file or something similar and then importing them into Bento, but I don't imagine that's what you want.


            You could also export the Bento files and import them into Filemaker. 


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              Thanks Hildy, I appreciate the reply.



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                Thank you for your post.


                Bento and FileMaker Pro are two separate and distinct programs.  FileMaker Pro has the ability to import a Bento database file (bento.bentodb), but Bento cannot import or read any FileMaker database file.  Bento imports (and exports) CSV, TSV, Numbers and Excel files.  Therefore, as "Hildy" suggested (Thank you!), use FileMaker Pro and export the data to either a comma-separated, tab-separated or Excel file format.



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