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Using Filemaker Pro as Form Template for Printing

Question asked by JosephMatthews on Jul 25, 2012
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Using Filemaker Pro as Form Template for Printing


I am new to Filemaker Pro (and databases in general), and I am trying to figure out something that can help my business. As a funeral home, we need to be able to type death certificates, contracts, permits, ect. I would like to import a blank death certificate (.jpg or .pdf) into Filemaker for example, and be able to create the tables and fields to "fit" within the areas that need to be filled. Therefore when the document is filled, I can save the record data, and print the data on to a blank certificate.

What I personally used to do was to use a typewriter function in a PDF editor (Acrobat, FileCenter), and simply type onto the template. When I would print, I would simply print the "Markups only" thru the printer settings. This method is alright, but it gets tedious when there are mistakes on the document after printing, and when trying to electronically file the documents for our own records.

I was wondering if it was even possible to do this with Filemaker? If so, it would be incredibly useful and will streamline literally ALL of our records as I would be able to apply this method to all of our documents. Finally, with relational databases, I do not have to constantly retype someone's name or other data by linking fields that would otherwise be repetitive.

I would appreciate it if someone could assist me with Filemaker for this function. If not, I understand. Thank you in advance.