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using Filemaker to create ebay listings with variations through File Exchange

Question asked by LE on Jul 30, 2013
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using Filemaker to create ebay listings with variations through File Exchange


     I've been working with Filemaker Pro for a while now to create listings on ebay using File Exchange. I'm still a bit of a newbie at databases in general and this query may be a bit esoteric for most users so I'll try to speak in generalities.

     File Exchange uses a header (price, quantity, description, etc.) and fields in a .csv file to create large amounts of listings with relatively little task duplication (as creating hundreds of listings by hand can get repetitive). However, a recent feature of ebay is product 'variations' which are sort of sub-items of listed items that don't require an entire new listing, and instead just have a drop down for size, color, etc. variations of a similar product.

     My issue lies in the fact that, while I can finagle File Exchange to export normal ebay listings in an easily uploadable format that does not require any direct interaction with the spreadsheet, when using variations I'm running into some issues.

     Essentially, I'd like to use my current database of 'base' items and add the same variations to all of them, without having to create a new record for each items 'variation'.

     For example, say we sell Product A, B, and C, which all have the same variations for Blue, Black, and Green varieties. Normally, in order to export from Filemaker and get a new line for each variation of each item, a new record would have to be created for each line. This means four records per product, which, when you get into the hundreds or thousands of products the duplication starts to grow unwieldy. Coupled with the fact that we'd like the ability to change a single variation's quality, say the price, without having to deal with making sure every instance of that variation gets changed. So, I would like to imagine there is a way to simply insert the variation information (which is the same for every product) in the export under each item as it is currently being exported.

     Can anyone point me in the right direction where I might be able to learn how to do this? I will certainly explain more or offer an example if necessary. I simply don't know if something like what I'm imagining is even feasible with Filemaker as it currently stands.

     Thanks very much for your help.