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Using Find Feature with List

Question asked by JoshWasbin on Feb 1, 2013
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Using Find Feature with List


     Hey all, 

     I'm relatively new to Filemaker and I need some help running a search. Currently I have a sheet set up like this

     NAME  ID#
     A           12
     A           32
     A           61
     B           4
     B           6
     etc. where each name has numerous unique ID#s. This list is about one million strong. In Excel I have a list of 1000 names from which I need all of the IDs from those names. If I copy/paste, drag/drop, whatever into the find function, it just comes out as one column.


     How can I get it to work so that I can batch search the whole list for these 1000 names without typing them in one by one? Thanks in advance.