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    Using Find Feature with List



      Using Find Feature with List


           Hey all, 

           I'm relatively new to Filemaker and I need some help running a search. Currently I have a sheet set up like this

           NAME  ID#
           A           12
           A           32
           A           61
           B           4
           B           6
           etc. where each name has numerous unique ID#s. This list is about one million strong. In Excel I have a list of 1000 names from which I need all of the IDs from those names. If I copy/paste, drag/drop, whatever into the find function, it just comes out as one column.


           How can I get it to work so that I can batch search the whole list for these 1000 names without typing them in one by one? Thanks in advance.

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               Does each row in your initial post represent a different record? (That means your example list represents 5 records.)

               If so, you can copy/paste or Drag/Drop your list of names into a global text field. You could also import the data from your Excel table in to a related table.

               Working from the global field with a list of Names pasted into it, you could create a script that loops through the list of names in that global field to set up a find to find your records, but there's an easier way that does not perform a find.

               Define a relationship like this:

               TableA::GlobalNamesField = TableB::Name

               TableA and TableB can be different tables or two occurrences of the same table in a self join relationship.

               Then, from a layout based on TableA, The Go To Related Records script step can specify Table B and if you specify "show only related records", this single script step will pull up your records where the text in NAME matches one of the listed names in the global field.

               A Portal to TableB placed on your TableA layout would also list these same records.