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    Using Find in a Script in Multiple Layouts



      Using Find in a Script in Multiple Layouts


      I have a pretty simple question that will help me immensely. Is there any way for me to specify a field name in layout 1 that I would like to search for, and then search that field in layout 2 for data I specify in layout 1?

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          The simple answer is "Yes, likely". We cannot say for sure, because two layouts may or may not belong to the same table (actually "table occurrence" would be the exact word, as a table may {and usually does} have more than one table occurrence {TO}; however usually only its "primary" TO is used for all its layouts).


          It is also possible that fields from one "table" can be seen in a layout of another table, IF they are connected on the Relationship Graph (or one is a global field, but those are not used for Finds {in them} ). In the case that you do a search in a related field, you will be saying, "find records of THIS table where the relationship to the related field matches the criteria".


          So, since some of the above may not make sense to you, the question from us is, "Do the two layouts belong to the SAME table (table occurrence)?". If not, "Are their tables connected on the Relationship Graph?". If so, how? (because some types of relationships do not allow finds thru them).