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Using Find within a Multi-Tab Layout

Question asked by jdhelle on Jul 25, 2013
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Using Find within a Multi-Tab Layout


     I have a layout that contains serveral tabs for different types of recording that I own.  On each of the tabs I have a button that changes to a photo layout.  The button performs #1 below.  On the photo layout I have an exit button that goes back to the layout that sent me to the photo - #2 below.  However, when returning from the photo layout, it always returns to the first record, not the record that I was viewing prior to going to the photo tab.  

1, Going To the photo layout:

     Set Variable [$$LayOutName; Value:Get (LayOutName)]

     Go to Layout ["Blue Amberol Photo" (Owned_Music_Library)]


Returning from the photo layout:

     Go to Layout [$$LayOutName]

     Go to Object [Object Name: "BA Tab"]


     I have tried using the Get (RecordNumber) in a variable, but when using find the RecordNumber = 1.  So when you return to the prior layout you get record #1 on the BA Tab.

     I have tried using the Get (RecordID) in a variable, but I have this problem - I find a record, the RecordID is 16,500.  When returning to the original record and go to RecordID 16,500 I get an error because for this particual recording type I only have 845.


     How do you return to the same record that you were viewing prior to looking at the photo?