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Using FM for Inventory Management System w/ barcodes?

Question asked by TravisWinnie on Oct 28, 2014
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Using FM for Inventory Management System w/ barcodes?


A while back I created a database to track workorders in a manufacturing facility, and would now like to use filemaker to create an inventory tracking system.  I know that there is a template that comes with the program, but I am worried it won't be what I need just by the looks of it.

I would like to use Filemaker GO in the warehouse to scan barcodes on product that just arrived, and when the barcode is scanned it will pull up that item (of course we will have to create the item info ahead of time for each item) and they can quickly just put in how much of that item they received.  They would also be able to use FM GO to scan the barcode for outgoing product as well, and quickly remove the quantity from the item database.  Hopefully the incoming quantities and outgoing would update in real time for the FM Pro users in the office.  If this is possible, would I also need to get FM Server?


Would this work using Filemaker?  Barcodes are an important part of the process, and I plan on having a barcode on each item.  We want to be able to keep track of inventory better, and I feel this would be a great idea if Filemaker has the capability.  

Thank you guys for your help, if you need more information or if I wasn't clear enough just let me know.