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    Using FM Pro to operate a FedEx Windows computer



      Using FM Pro to operate a FedEx Windows computer


      I am using a FM database on a Mac to ship from a FedEx computer located on an internal network. Up to now I have been mounting a shared folder on the windows machine onto my Mac desktop and dropping the text file exported from FM in to that using a script. However, lately I have been getting a lot of error 43's and the folder has to be remounted regularly.  Is there a way of mapping the route to the shared folder in the script, thereby bypassing the need to mount the folder on the desktop at all.  I would appreciate any help.

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          Thank you for your post.


          If you are receiving a -43 error on a shared Windows folder, there are two possible causes:


          1. You do not have full read/write privileges to the server.  Check with the Server Admin to verify.


          2. You have a file name with illegal characters.  That is, non-alphanumeric characters.


          In ScriptMaker, you can create a script using the "Export Records" step that allows you to specify the output path.  The "Export Records" script step also adds a secondary (and tertiary, etc.) file path if the first path is not found.  FileMaker Pro will NOT open a shared folder.  That will need to be done either manually, or have your database file open another FileMaker database file on the shared server to open the shared server.



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