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    Using FM13... can I write for FM12?



      Using FM13... can I write for FM12?


           I was just hired on a new production.  My entire office is using FM12, and I'm about to purchase an ADVANCE license.  Should I purchase FM12 advanced, or get FM13?  I presume if I'm writing in FM13, that FM12 users will be ok?  Or is it better to all be on the same platform?

           My last gig was on FM11, so it'll all be new for me.  :)

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               Get FMP 13 Advanced. You'll love the new features possible in 13. You won't be able to use the new features for your FM 12 clients but you can still work on the FM 12 files as long as you refrain from using a feature that is new to FMP 13 and you can figure out how to use the new stuff on the side while you wait for the office to upgrade to a newer version. (Been using FMP 11 to support an FMP 10 system for quite a while now...)