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Using FMK 11 Contact Record Mgt

Question asked by gldiaz on Oct 24, 2011
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Using FMK 11 Contact Record Mgt


 I would like a thought or two on this one,
if anyone can help.

1. I am using FMK11 Starter Application "Contact Record mgt."(CRM)

I would like to understand how to do the following, while using the starter CRM.

I am hoping to import 488 convience store locations with their information into the CRM.
The information has Company name, addresses, city, state, zip, ph and Contact persons.
I think I can do the import and match up the names prior to doing the import.


What, I am hoping for is way to import my data base list of convience stores into CRM 'AND'
have a way to "Add" new locations on the Fly.  I was hoping to have the list "Drop down" (if this)
is the best way to paste an existing Location into a new record. I eventually want to keep track of
locations, the number of times visited and the last date visited.

In essence it might look something like this:

A.  I Import all locations into the Contact Record Mgt (Starter database) using the Import method. Using

File, Import records, file and selecting the excel worksheet to import to the matching fields. then IMPORT.

B.  Now after the Data Base list in put in a FMK11,
And when using the CRM, I would like to enter (example)  "Smi" and a list of "Smi, Smitxxx etc locations pop up, for
me to select the one location, i am interested in updating.  Again, I want to track the number of visits made
to the location and maybe add a notation of the visit.  (I''m not sure how to do this part) 


C. So after this location is selected and modified or entered, I can then go to a New Record.
Here the process of the drop downs start over. "
I enter "Tuc" (without the quotes) and a list of Tuc's drop down.

example: T or Tu or TUC will give me locations like:(in alpha order)

Tucon Center
Tucson Regional
Tucsset Valley Store

And if the location is not listed, I would like to add a new location on the fly.
What's important, is to track the number of visits made over a period of time and
a radio button would be used for "Followup" Y ()  No ().

Is this too difficult to do for a newbee or is there another option on getting my
drop downs to do more in the Contact Record Mgt DB?

Hope its clear enough.