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Using FMP 8.5 with Mountain Lion

Question asked by KenWorsham on Jan 14, 2013
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Using FMP 8.5 with Mountain Lion


     I'm currently using FMP 8.5 (I know, woefully out of date but I haven't needed any of the new features for a while).  I recently updated my system from a several  years old laptop to a new MacBook Pro w/ Retina display and decided it was time for a clean install of everything rather than migrating.  I unfortunately discovered that the installer for FMP is a PowerPC application so it won't run on Mountain Lion.  FMP 8.5 itself however runs just fine (it was running on my previous MacBook Pro which was also running Mountain Lion).  I was able to grab all the pieces of FMP from my previous system and copy them to my new laptop and for the most part things seem to be running fine.  However when I attempt to print anything from FMP it crashes before it even brings up the print dialog.

     I'm guessing that something was missed when I copied the application from the old system to the new.  I can't run the installer to lay down a fresh copy, and even the 8.5v1 -> 8.5v2 updater is a PPC application so I can't even try to update it.

     Any suggestions on how to either 1) resolve the printing crash or 2) do a clean install of FMP 8.5 onto my new laptop?