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    Using FMP after free trial



      Using FMP after free trial



      After using the free trial of Bento (on Mac) for a few weeks, I have purchased the software through my university. This forum keeps saying that it should open my database once I input the license key, but it's not working like that for me. Instead I get a Filemaker Quick Start screen that asks me to open a database, and offers me 'Recent Files' and 'Favourite Files'. When I browse either of these I get a list of files to choose from but my bento ones are not available to be opened, even when I choose 'Show: All Available'. Or else I choose 'Show: Bento Data Source' and then it offers to convert my data to what looks like an excel spreadsheet, which I can't seem to view in the normal way. Help!

      Would it have something to do with the fact that my uni purchased the software rather than going thru the bento trial I was already using? I did get a license key with which I opened Filemaker Pro, but when I try to open Bento and input the license key there it doesn't give me the option of clicking 'license key', ie I have to continue with the free trial.

      Sorry if this is garbled.

      Thanks, Una