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    Using FMP Server to send gmail



      Using FMP Server to send gmail


      I've got a system running Windows XP Home that is acting as a FMP Server and then an actual web-server attached to that FMP DB. I'm trying to setup the email section of the Server admin to send alerts, etc. The email account that I'm trying to use is a Gmail account. I've got the ssl ports set right, and I know the user name and password are set correctly - however it refuses to send email. It's almost as if it's having a problem with the security aspect of things. I tried another non-gmail account and that works just fine. I set the Gmail account on Outlook Express and that works just fine as well. So I know it's working - just not from FMP. Any ideas or direction I can try? I've tried removing the DNS name and putting in the IP address. I've seen a few other posts on other boards that speak to this problem, but none of the suggestions that were mentioned corrected the problem.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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          Gmail uses some strange ports, including a requirement for a secure connection, probably to stop unsolicited relaying etc


          The easiest way to get it working would be to upgrade to XP Professional and then install IIS which comes with an smtp server that would allow you send emails using the computer itself as opposed to an external gmail account.



          in fact with a quick google serach i found this: www.softstack.com/freesmtp.html


          this is a free smtp server that shopuld tun under XP Home.


          1) Install this and setup

          2)  Set FM Server SMTP Server Address to

          3) keep your email address as whatever you want including the previous gmail email address if you want. You could even have fmserver@ibgarretsserver.comhttp://forum-en.filemaker.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/3056

          3) Click test SMTP Settings.

          4) Should do the job!



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            I have just been through what seems could be a similar problem. Turns out that our suite of Gmail addresses is part of Google Apps and an administrator has to tick the box on the Admin console. Having tracked down the administrator I now live in hope...

            The admin console looks like this. The relevant option is circled in red.


            SMTP Gmail Setting.png

            The FMP window for setting up email from another SMTP server like this

            SMTP Example Settings.png

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