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Using FMP Server to send gmail

Question asked by ibgarrett on Feb 11, 2009
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Using FMP Server to send gmail


I've got a system running Windows XP Home that is acting as a FMP Server and then an actual web-server attached to that FMP DB. I'm trying to setup the email section of the Server admin to send alerts, etc. The email account that I'm trying to use is a Gmail account. I've got the ssl ports set right, and I know the user name and password are set correctly - however it refuses to send email. It's almost as if it's having a problem with the security aspect of things. I tried another non-gmail account and that works just fine. I set the Gmail account on Outlook Express and that works just fine as well. So I know it's working - just not from FMP. Any ideas or direction I can try? I've tried removing the DNS name and putting in the IP address. I've seen a few other posts on other boards that speak to this problem, but none of the suggestions that were mentioned corrected the problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated.