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Using fuctions to add certain quantities

Question asked by EdwardAlvarez on Nov 5, 2013
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Using fuctions to add certain quantities


     I am trying to simplify our life at our office. The way we do payroll is totally awful! We need a quick solution to this issue. We have a lot of employees and many of those employees work different positions throughout the pay period. Some positions pay $11 some positions pay $8 and some pay $14, $15 or $16 (this is not including over time). By the time our payroll department has to submit payroll to ADP the person in charge of doing payroll needs to submit all these rates by hand. The method we are currently using is very prone to human error. We are trying to avoid both errors and most important simplify our payroll guru’s life.
     I feel that the formulas use on FileMaker Pro are very similar to ones used in Excel. I am a little rusty and I cannot remember which function I need to use to reach my goal.
     What I am looking to do is to add a function that will only add certain rates. For example if an employee work 10 days out of the pay period totaling 80hrs, where 4 days (8hrs each day) he worked at $11/hr, 4 days he worked at $16/hr (8hrs each day) and 2 days he worked at $8/hr (8hrs each day). I want a function to tell this new TOTAL HOURS at 11, to ONLY add the total hours this employee worked at $11/hr. Then I want to add another TOTAL HOURS at 8, and I want this cell to ONLY add the total hours this employee worked at $8/hr
     I have attached a picture so that you can get a better idea on how we are working with payroll.
     Can someone please help me!
     Ed Alvarez