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    Using functions with text tool



      Using functions with text tool


      Is it possible, if I did not want to create a field for it, to display function results using the text tool?

      For example, you can display fields with <<Field>>

      And you can even display the current date with  {{CurrentDate}}

      But what if I wanted the current month?

      Is there some way to do something like Month({{CurrentDate}})?



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          If you enter layout mode and select the text object with {{CurrentDate}}, you can select a custom date format for it on the data tab that shows just the Month name.

          If this is just a "for instance", there is way to use display calculation results on your layout.

          Put two text objects on your layout:

          I declare variables


          Select I declare variables and give it a conditional format with this expression:

          Let ( $Value = Calculation goes here ; 1 )

          And specify a font size for this conditional format of 120+ points to make the "I declare..." text disappear when in Browse mode. When the layout opens, this expression will evaluate and assign the result to $Variable--and this variable's value is then displayed on your layout.