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Using Get (flag) function

Question asked by brianpatterson on Jan 25, 2014
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Using Get (flag) function



     I am trying to save values from a layout in find mode as global values for a complex search option. I can write a separate trigger script for each layout object, but I want to simplify this by putting all searchable objects in one script.
     Depending on how I play with the parens (), I get a variety of error messages but they all boil down to that Get ( ActiveFieldName ) isn't a valid function. Can somebody give me help with this.
     If         Get ( ActiveFieldName ) = CONTACTS::First Name
          SetField (CONTACTS::gFN1) = CONTACTS::First Name
     Else if Get ( ActiveFieldName ) = CONTACTS::Last Name
          SetField(CONTACTS::gLN1) = CONTACTS::Last Name
     Else if Get ( ActiveFieldName ) = CONTACTS::First Name 2
          SetField(CONTACTS::gFN2) = CONTACTS::First Name 2
     Else if Get ( ActiveFieldName ) = CONTACTS::Last Name 2
          SetField(CONTACTS::gLN2) = CONTACTS::Last Name 2
     End If
     Thanks to PhilModJunk for the answer to my lat question, which got me moving down the right road.