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Using Get (Username) as a boolean

Question asked by BrianKnippa on Nov 19, 2014
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Using Get (Username) as a boolean



I am currently having a problem with using the Get (Username) function as a boolean. I am using this to restrict access to certain records. 

The database that I use currently creates and deletes accounts for certain individuals. For example, a change engineer is assigned a username:

"ChangeEngineer" & Engineering Change Request Database::ECR #

which creates an account with a username based off of a field unique for each record. In this case, it would be "ChangeEngineer6005". I wanted to restrict the access of this account so anyone using it could only view the record that is paired with their username (6005). I did this: Security->Privilege Sets->(Selected Privilege Set for the account)->Records->Custom Privileges->(Selected Table, eg. Engineering Change Request Database)->View->Limited. Then I typed in this:

Get (Username) = "ChangeEngineer" & Engineering Change Request Database::ECR#

This should just state that the user can view the record when the ECR Number matches the number in their username. 

But this doesn't seem to work at all. Every record is restricted when I log into the database using the username and password. I have checked to make sure the spelling is correct, in order to make sure that ChangeEngineer6005 = ChangeEngineer6005

But to no avail. Am I writing the boolean wrong, or something else?

All help is appreciated!