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Using Get(FoundCount) and null

Question asked by wbanks on Jun 7, 2012
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Using Get(FoundCount) and null


I'm using FMP11.

So, I've create a loop that cycles through a table. Within the loop is a Find command that appears as such:




Enter Find Mode

Set Field [Master::Person; $Name]

Set Error Capture [On]

Perform Find []

If [Master::Person = "William"]

Set Field [Calculation::Will_Count; Get(FoundCount)]


End Loop


The process works, except when there is no record for that individual, the field is left blank... when I need it to become "0".

The reason this is important is because later I use SUM(Will_Count) and it fails (contains a question mark) whenever there is a case where a person/field contains a blank space.

Hopefully I explained the situation.  Any assistance would be helpful as this is the final step of my project.