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Using GetLayoutObjectAttribute in a portal

Question asked by mmccarty on Aug 24, 2009
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Using GetLayoutObjectAttribute in a portal



  On one of my layouts, my users modify the records in a portal.  My users access the database from the web (IWP) and I have removed their toolbar.  I need to give then a "Done" button that performs the script step Commit Record/Request.  I want to set up conditional formatting so that the button is visible only when the user is editing a field aka when the field is active. 

 I'm trying to use GetLayoutObjectAttribute to create the conditional formatting but it is not behaving like I thought.  When I use it to see if the portal field is active [GetLayoutObjectAttribute("portal field";"hasFocus")=1] the formatting only applies if the button and the field overlay.  This causes a problem because it creates a button for each portal row and in IWP you can't click buttons that overlay another object.  I tried using the portal as the object, using "containFocus" instead of "hasFocus" and using the optional portalRowNumber parameter but can't get it to work.


I must be doing something wrong or I miss understand how this function works.  If anyone know where I'm going wrong or a better function to use I would really appreciate it.  Thanks!