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    Using global fields for search criteria



      Using global fields for search criteria


       So far, I'm having to maintain 2 sets of temporary "state variables".  One in a table of global fields and individual global variables.  The only use for the global variables is for search criteria (Edit Find Request window) in the "Perform Find" script step.  I tried using the global field as the criteria, but got no return set.

      Is there a way to use a global field as the search criteria instead of having to maintain the global state variables?



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          Do it all the time. It was our only practical option until they added the option for including a variable name reference in the stored find request.

          Enter find Mode []
          Set field [Yourtable::NameField ; GlobalFieldsTable::SpecifiedNameField ]
          Set Error Capture [on]
          Perform Find []


          If you enter "Phil" into the global specifiedNameField, the script should find all records that contain "Phil" in the YOurtable::Namefield.

          Please note that this script fails unless you have opened up field optiosn for SpecifiedNameFIeld and selected the Global Storage field option.

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             Thanks.  That seems to work great.  Now I can get rid of a bunch of global variables.

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              I hope you guys are still around .....

              How does your "Table of global fields work"?


              I have tried using a global field in the table I want to search. This works well in some cases but not in others. In the latter cases, the user gets a "You don't have permission..." message - is the user prevented from entering the global field value (using a drop-down value list) because someone else has already opened a layout based on the relevant table?.


              Do you know if there is a simple general solution for the case where the user enters the Find criteria using a drop-down value list (or drop-down calendars for date range) and a script does the search? FM seems to think that another window has to be opened - this sounds heavy duty to me.