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Using Global Loops, Variable Loops and other means...

Question asked by SaterInc on Dec 11, 2009
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Using Global Loops, Variable Loops and other means...


Hello all,

    I've been making a database to run at our paint shop for some time, and alot of the scripts rely heavily on running loops through all the records to spot out orders, delivery slips, etc.  So far i've only built up about 250 records and it is running good for the time being.. I recently added freeze window before my loops to speed up the process which helps.

     For giggles I made a new file and imported my records over and over until I had about 26,000 and tried running my scripts.  I wasn't to suprised to find that it is taking 5+ minutes to loop through my records.  I've read around that a variable loop is alot faster then the global loop(which i was not aware of such a loop). 

 My question is does anyone here know of a way to speed up loops running through 10,000 plus records?  I'm using Filemaker pro 10