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Using Globals for searches and avoiding record locking -- IWP

Question asked by carolyn on Dec 2, 2013
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Using Globals for searches and avoiding record locking -- IWP


     Hi All,

     I am using globals for a search screen because I want to capture the search criteria so I can display it when I return the search results.

     Everything is working except  a user cannot enter the global field when someone else is entering information in the same record.  I don't understand why globals are affected by locked records when they only apply to the current session? 

     What have I done wrong?  Please help.  This is what I did.

     Using FM Pro 11, IWP and client remote server.

     I added global fields to the main table that I want to searches on.

     I added the globals to a search layout.

     The user enters the values in edit mode (I have been unsuccessful in entering values in a global field in find mode.)

     The user submits the values via a button that has a script.

     The script collects the values and does finds and constrain finds based on the values submitted global fields matching the data in the corresponding data field.

     The problem is the user cannot enter values in a global if they are on a record that is being edited.  What have I done wrong or missed.

     Thanks in advance for any help.