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Using greater than and no empty value conditions

Question asked by VanessaAnne on Feb 7, 2013
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Using greater than and no empty value conditions




     I have two database linked to each other.  Main database I'll call A.  Second database I'll call B.  Any fields I mention below with have A or B in it depending on which database the field originates in. 

     I have a main database layout that has a Field1A (text) and Field2B (container) which relates to each other - if I'm searching for FieldA then Field2B will show up with the visual represenation of FieldA.  [Field2B (container) is from the related second database, the field doesn't actually exist in the main one. ]

     Linked to the main database is also an external Field1B (text) which is how the Field2B is populated with the correct image in the A main database. 

     I also have a Field3A (text) with is an alternate text name to Field1A.  In my linked database I have a matching Field3B field - the values are the same.  

     Basically what I need is whenever Field1A is empty and can't link to any value in Field1B, thus causing Field2B to be empty, I want the alternate Field3A to link with the Field B database to populate the Field2B container field with an alternate image - Field3B container.  

     Hard to explain but I'm sure it has something to do with a formula "If Field is Empty" or a "greater than" calcuation.  I need the 1A field values to always override the Field 3A values.