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    Using GTRR in a tabbed panel



      Using GTRR in a tabbed panel



           Am trying to get a portal button to GTRR  within in the same tabbed panel.  Further details.   Table "APADx" has a portal which shows some of the fields of the table.  I want to be able to select a record and have it displayed above within the same tabbed panel.   The "Evaluations Layout" has its associated table as "GAINSS", which is another tabbed panel.   What do I need to change to get this to work?  Please bear in mind, I am a total novice with FM12


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               Go To Related Records cannot be used for that purpose. It's not what it was designed to do.

               Your layout looks very strange. A portal is intended as a way for you to see and edit data from a related table where you may have many records from the portal table that are related to the current record of the layout where you placed the portal. You appear to have a number of repeating fields above the portal. What exactly are you trying to do with this portal and these fields?

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                 Additionally,  I have a "APADx"  table in the background which is not viewed by users.  It pulls the correct record to that table layout and I am unable to access the "Evaluations Layout" from within the GTRR command.

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                   the portal will show all the records of APADx and allow me to select on which I can review in full.  Some of the fields have 10 repetitions and I want to be able to see all of them at one time

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                     I strongly recommend that you restructure your tables and relationships to not use repeating fields. Using Repeating fields gives up a lot of flexibility when entering and analyzing your data.

                     What you can do is set up two relationships to the Portal's table (APADx) by setting up two different occurrences of APADx. Clicking a button in the portal row can update a match field in the layout's table and the fields shown immediately above the portal can be from this added relationship's Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?.

                     Then you can simply click different portal rows to see a detailed view of the data for the row that you clicked in the fields located above the portal.


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                       OK Gentlemen... I hear loud and clear to get rid of the repeating fields......

                       However it leaves me with some confusion.....

                       The ADA Table will generate several records....i was having having three repeating fields but can easily give them their own table which will create its as many records for those old fields....


                       The issue is....if i am reading Phil's first post correctly....GTRR will not work in a tabbed panel?


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                         GTRR takes you from a record in layout 1, based on a specific table occurrence to a layout based on a related table occurrence and this pulls up a set of related records. With a self join, this can even stay on the same layout as then both the "Start" record and the "target" found set to produce are from the same table.

                         But in another thread, the person wanted to use GTRR to pull up records in another tab of the same tab control and that won't work as Tab controls display data from the context of a single record, not a found set.

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                           Thanks Phil and David....


                           finally got it straight in my head (at least I think) and have restructured so there are no repeating fields (which was the easier part)

                           changing from tabs to buttons that go to other screens with the GTRR data has been more challenging...and expanded my knowledge and use of self join tables....still working on the restructuring of it....

                           appreciate your time, knowledge and patience


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                             Aloha Phil

                             Have reformatted as per your suggestion, but have come up with a dilema that I have not been able to resolve.

                             As you look at my database....

                             Table ADADiagnosis now has a related table AxisOne (which used to be one of the multiply choice fields)

                             Both tables are portals... and i need to select one row in APADiagnosis to pull up all the related records in AxisOne....

                             I have been able to pull up the related records to the AxisOne TABLE but not to the PORTAL....

                             Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...i am stuck...

                             thanks regi

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                               hee's a picture of my layout

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                                 To refer back to my first post, it sounds like you would like to click a portal row in the portal to ADADiagnosis and see the AxisOne records linked to the clicked portal row appear in a second portal.

                                 If so, see this thread: Need layout solution for nested portals...

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                                   OK...will take a look at what you sent and digest it for a couple days...

                                   thanks for the feed back


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                                     OMG...you are the bomb!!!

                                     it's working ....thank you very much!!!! I did it the second way....

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                                       Hey Phil...

                                       I have one that is acting very different than the others....and only pulling the first record.

                                       let me explain how its different to help clarify:


                                       parent record ---- child record -------< 3 grandchild records ---------< 3 Great grandchild records

                                       the grandchild and great grandchild are portals; and want to be able to select the grand child to bring up the info from great grandchild; the grandchild file is automatically generated when I create a new parent record...I am not sure if this is making the difference.

                                       _kp_parentID = _kp_ChildID

                                       _kp_GrandchildID = _kf_childID

                                       _kp_GreatGrandchildID = _kf_grandchildID


                                       I was thinking my script would have to pull a select grandchild first and then greatgrandchild.....but then was thinking if they are linked properly I could just pull the select great grandchild.....  was toying with if or case...but am now thinking I am making it more complicated than necessary....

                                       any feedback would be divine


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