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Using images in quotations print layout

Question asked by RickDearden on Oct 25, 2013
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Using images in quotations print layout



     We have a print layout which is used to display our quotations. It lists the individual items in the Body of the layout and then totals them up in the Trailing Grand Summary area. This all works fine and we're happy with it.

     What I want to do is add, for the items which have them, product images below the description line. Again this is fine - I just place the container below on the layout.

     This works perfectly when all products have images associated with them.

     What happens though is when the items listed are a mixture of products with and without images there is still an unwanted space placed on the output file (the size of the container). I have selected Slide Up and Reduce Size on the inspector tool but it still doesnt work as I'd expected it too.

     See attachment for what I mean...

     Another weird thing - randomly - running the layout crashes Filemaker every 3-4 times it's ran. The layout is identical to the non-image one except for the container in the layout - and that never crashes the system.

     Has anyone come across this problem before and if so how did you overcome it?

     Cheers in advance!