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Using info from a checkbox set

Question asked by MatthewSpaw on Nov 19, 2012
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Using info from a checkbox set


     I am working on a "print layout" that calls back to a "check sheet" in the same database.  The checksheet is a checkbox set field with multiple values 1 through 13.  I need a calculation field on the "print layout" sheet that will say yes/no depending on if a certain box is checked on the "check sheet".  For example, if box 8 is for Training- I need a blank to return Yes on the "Print Layout" under the "Training Required" column.  I need ot be able to do this for a single value in the checklist, but also for multiple values for yes/no questions with mutiple parameters.

     My problem is that I have been playing with If statements, but they aren't outputting the way I need them too.  I can't use "=" because there will rarely be a situation where only the box in question checked is the one in the statement.  I need to return a yes or a no based on a single specific value in a checkbox set of a field.

     Perhaps I need to go about this without using an if statement, but im not sure how.   I'm hoping someone can point me into the right direction?

     I am using FM11Pro.