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    Using information from another record



      Using information from another record


           Hi... I have hundreds of records in our database.

           When adding couples, I add them individually.


           I would like to be able to set Spouse and have it automatically fill in Street, City, ST, and ZIP from the record set as spouse.


           So, I would create a new record for each, enter the info on one, and set a "Spouse" on one. It would then populate the city/state/zip/street fields on the record marked as Spouse.

           I have tried Google and knowledge base searches and I must be using the wrong phrasing.



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               Sounds like you need this data model:


               Household::__pkHouseholdID = People::_fkHouseholdID

               You'd put your address fields in Household and link people (such as spouses) to the same Household record to show that they have the same address. Address fields from Household can be added directly to the People Layout and members of the same household will have the same address in common.

               For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

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                 I currently have people connected to a Family (which would work as household).

                 I have the Contacts table which has a __pkContactID

                 I have a Contact_Family table which has _fkContactID and _fkFamilyID

                 I have a Families table which has a __pkFamilyID

                 (Not quite sure it was setup this way, but I think it has to do with creating a portal... I was following an online tutorial, or an answer from you in the forums, but it was many months ago).

                 Contacts ----< Contact_Family >---- Families is my current relationship setup.


                 What's the best way to get my current addresses from one of the family members to the Families table for hundreds of records?




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                   I figured out an answer....

                   I created a script that copied from the Contacts Street/City/ST/Zip and pasted to the Family Street/City/ST/Zip.

                   Then, I created a button on the individual records page that triggered the script.

                   I am still doing it manually (or a little bit of control, and for the few outliers who don't have the same address).


                   Thanks so much!

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                     Is a many to many relationship that makes it possible for one contact to be a member of more than one family. That may or may not be a required capability for your system.