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    Using Interactive Container Fields



      Using Interactive Container Fields


      I am just starting to use FileMaker Pro V12 on a Windows 7 64 bit machine.  I have set up a simple table with 3 columns, one of which is a container field type.  The container type field is set to be "optiimized for Interactive Content".  This field holds a PDF file in each record.  I have input just over 50 records into the database and I am now getting the following message while viewing the database records in "Table View":  

      Adobe Reader

      "The maximum number of files are already open.  No other files can be opened or printed until some are closed."

      The message then provides me the full path to the "ContainerCache" on my machine.

      I guess that my general question is what should I do to not get this message in the future?  Is there a setting in FileMaker Pro or Adobe Reader X that I need to change?  Or, can I not use the "Optimize for Interactive Content" formating option in certain situations?

      Thanks for your help.  

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          I'm not sure if this will help, but you can adjust the cache size and how often it saves.

          Under Edit go to Preferences then click the memory tab to make adjustments. 


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            OK -- Here is what worked for me just today, and my average container # in my huge files is 150:*  On the "Modify Table View," uncheck the "File|Container" box so its column does not try to show you a hundred tiny interactive documents that you can't see anyway. Before trying that method I upped the cache, and changed the thumbnails to permanent -- just not a good fix.  When I got rid of the useless column then closed the program and started it back up -- worked immediately. No more "max number reached' messages.  Hope this solution works for you too.


            *BTW, the reason my files were so huge is because my Preview could handle them (like your Adobe Reader).  It was not until I decided to convert to Adobe Acrobat Pro 10 today that my computer couldn't handle the load.