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Using joins

Question asked by cinderjack on Jan 1, 2014
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Using joins


     I'm trying to figure out the best way to configure my new Filemaker installation.  I have tables called ACCOUNT (pkAccountID), CLIENT (pkClientID,fkAccountID), VISIT (pkVisitID, flClientID), CHARGES (pkChargesID, fkVisitID, fkInventoryID), PAYMENTS (pkPaymentID, fkAccountID).

     I'd like to have a tab for Visits (client information would be included on this screen including a calculation showing their balance (charges less payments), and a tab for Charges (I will often have multiple charge per visit).  If I pick Visit as the table to build the layout on then I don't get anything in my inventory field.  

     Just trying to figure out the best way to get all this set up.