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    Using List and FilterValue functions with operators



      Using List and FilterValue functions with operators


      Still hard at work on a student assessment database.  Here's my struggle at the moment.  I think it's fairly simple, just having trouble with basic calculation syntax.


      I have a table with basic student biographical/contact data and a related table called "sat" of all SAT test dates and scores for students at our school.  Students can take the SAT multiple times so there are multiple records for each student in this table.  I'm trying to scan the SAT table for any scores over a certain mark...in this case I want scores of 1650 or higher.  Currently I'm  using the 'List' and the 'FilterValues' functions but I think I'm missing something simple.  This is what I have...


      FilterValues ((List ( Sat::sat_total )) ; (≥ 1650) )



      thanks for any help,