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Using List Function to Filter Portal

Question asked by RichNasser on Sep 9, 2014
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Using List Function to Filter Portal



I've checked the forum to see if this was already answered and couldn't find anything.  

I have a table TASK with a global field that keeps the current workstation (

on the TASK layout I have a portal with EMPL using a cartesian join (task__EMPL) so all employees show up regardless of task.

I also have a table EMPSKILLSET that is related to the task__EMPL table where EmpID = EmpID - in this table employee #2 can have 3 skillsets A,B,C employee #1 can have B,C and so on - these skillsets (A B C etc) are the same as the workstation names

So on the portal, I want to filter by the global workstation (i.e. A) and only have empl #2 show up or workstation B and have emp 1 and emp 2 show up.


Currently, the portal filter is something like: TASK::gTask_List_Layout_PopUp_Menu = task__empl__EMPSKILLSET::_fkWkCtrID

and I've even tried

TASK::gTask_List_Layout_PopUp_Menu = List(task__empl__EMPSKILLSET::_fkWkCtrID)


but I get incomplete filtering (usually by n-1) 


Not sure how to craft the expression that will filter all portal rows that don't match the relationship