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Using lookup function with existing data

Question asked by trouty on Dec 22, 2009
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Using lookup function with existing data


Hi, don't know if anyone has required this in the past, but have a field in my database with existing numeric data populating it.  What I wish to do now is to keep the existing data within it, but wondered if it was possible to now use the Lookup function within this field for any new data, whilst leaving the existing in place?


The first table A, has the agent's name with a field containing the amount they earned, the second table B, has a scale of service charge %ages for each agent which is associated to table A by the agent's name. What I wish to do is multiply the service charge %age by the agent's earned amount to give an amount they have to pay the company for standing charges.  Can this be done using lookups, and will the existing data be left alone?  The reason I wish to use lookups is that I believe they allow me to change the service charge %age for each agent later on, whilst leaving existing data in place.  It would be really useful if you could show the syntax, if you know the solution to this.


Any help much appreciated