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Using masking field to format telephone numbers automatically

Question asked by Modobird on May 24, 2015
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Using masking field to format telephone numbers automatically


I found two sets of instructions on how to use a masking field to automatically format telephone numbers. I have tried both, struggled for 90 minutes now, and I cannot get it to work. It baffles me that this is not a simple matter of choosing a data format from the pulldown in the inspector. I followed the instructions carefully (over and over) and the mask field seems to have no effect on the field input. It has been "brought to front", the alignment is perfect, and the field construction in the database is as described. I'm using FMP12, Mac. See screen shot showing the formulas I tried.

30 min. later: I discovered that viewing in layouts other than "table" shows the field the way it should be. So now my question is: Is there a way to have these things work while in table mode? In the table, the filter field shows up as the correctly formatted phone number, but in another column. So I have to show both fields; inputting in one, seeing the formatted number in another.