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    Using merge fields in portals



      Using merge fields in portals


      I have been struggling with merge fields in a portal.




      <<Company_Address::City>>, <<Company_Address::State>> <<Company_Address::ZIP>>



      Toll Free:<<Company_Address::Toll_Free_Number>>



      One row of the portal is sized to contain all of the data.  The problem is that the data does not follow the portal row.  It seems to be hit and miss as to where I place the merge fields in the portal window.  Sometimes the data changes as I scroll down the portal rows and after any editing or movement it does not.  I have nudged, moved, resized, and cannot get it to work reliably.  What rule am I missing?

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          Which version of FileMaker are you using? There's been a recent issue report with FileMaker 12 that would seem to fit what you are reporting here.

          You may want to replace your merge fields with regular data fields set in Field Behavior to deny access while in browse mode.

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            FM12 Advanced.

            I did use regular fields, but it was very frustrating to get the the "give up" point.  There should be a list of bugs somwhere.



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              What do you mean by "give up point"?

              There should be a list of bugs somwhere

              I can just hear long time forum users chuckling at that one. Several years back, I felt the same way and set out to create just that. This thread lists bugs for FileMaker 12 and also versions 10, 11: Known Bug List

              Recent forum format changes that break this list up in to pages have made this list very difficult to search, but you can also download a database copy (It's a zip file with both fp7 and fmp12 format copies in it) from: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jt09b82i0xijbu3/FMP%20Bugs.zip

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                Ah, admittedly I've been away from the forum (and FM) for a few years.  I should have known.


                I meant "to the give up point".  I played with the problem for hours thinking I was doing something wrong.  That was when I posted originally.

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                  What was the purpose for using merge fields in the first place? If your portal has the typical "mini table" set up, I'm having trouble imagining why you would want to use merge fields instead of regular fields. If you've resized the portal row so that it is more of a "mini form", then there can be formatting advantages to the merge fields.

                  In the latter case, you may be able to get merge fields to work if you resize them to fit. I learned this trick here in the forum:

                  Take the text shown in red in the following example and resize it to a much smaller font size. Leave the black text set to the font size that you want:


                  Hmmm, come to think of it, haven't tried this trick in 12, only in v10 and 11. Let me know if it works.

                  I suspect that this behavior change came as a result of another rather nice change that they made. In 12, if you drag a portal to reposition it, the layout objects in the portal row move with it. This is very nice and matches the behavior of a tab control, but like the tab control, the layout objects are only "owned" by the portal if they are fully enclosed in the portal row.

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                    Nice tip, the reformatting in <<TableOccurrenceName::FieldName>> does work in 12. Very nice.

                    I did notice that fields beloing to the portal now, also very nice.