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Using more than one copy of filemaker / sharing files

Question asked by fluffyone on Mar 26, 2010
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Using more than one copy of filemaker / sharing files


Hi Group


I bought a second copy of filemaker so I can have 2 users and I am a little confused on how to share the main database:


I have my main database file on a server computer, and I have 2 desktops one with filemker 10 pro advanced and the other with filemaker 11.

When I go to open my database file on the server a window pops up on the first computer opening it saying it is a shared file and that performance can be reduced etc... The second computer then can't open the main file and has to open it as a remote file, which works OK.

If I try to open the file as a remote file on the first computer then I can't see it in the window, so I have to open it as a shared file?


Is this the correct way of opening this with 2 or more computers?