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    Using Multiple Languages



      Using Multiple Languages



             I have these queries with which I am abit stuck

      1. I am wanting to design a database with multiple languages (english/persian) is it possilbe.
      2. If I will be using some kind of font for it where will the font files be placed, because this database will work on a network server with clients operating it. 
      3. I also want to use  a shamsi calendar for the dates input can I ?. Shamsi calendar (www.nongnu.org/afghancalendar)

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          1) Option 1: design two sets of layouts--one set for each language and use a script to select the language that is correct for a user's specified language. (Could be a preference  setting in a user table or a selection the user makes each time they access the database.)

          Option2: Replace layout text with Fields from a related "language table". Label entries by the specified language and then a relationship controls whether the dispalyed text is English or person.

          2) If a specific font not common to what is installed on your user's machine is required, I think you'd need to somehow make such a font available to them via a download link, but I could be wrong here.

          3) I didn't click the link provided, but suspect that you'd need to avoid using a date field for the entered dates from this calendar, but a calcualtion field that computes the equivalent date in the standard calendar date format should be possible.