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    Using Multiple Portals



      Using Multiple Portals


       My application is used to make delivery tickets in the field. On one of the tab controlled pages I have a portal that shows a list of items that we are delivering. I have another portal on an additional tab controlled page where I want to show whats in the building ALREADY from past deliveries - an inventory of "active" rental equipment. I cant get the second portal to show any records other than the ones being typed in at that current time. What am I doing wrong? What am I not doing? How can I do this portal?


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          Sounds like you have relationship problems. What tables do you have and how are they related? On which of those tables is your layout and the portal items being delivered based?

          I'd guess that you have this type of table structure:


          Client::ClientID = DeliveryTicket::ClientID
          DeliveryTicket::DeliveryID = ItemsOnTicket::DeliveryID
          RentalInventory::EquipmentID = ItemsOnticket:::EquipmentID

          If so, you can add a new occurrence of delivery ticket linked by DeliveryID to a added occurrence of ItemsOnTicket:

          DeliveryTicket::ClientID = DeliveryTicketsSameClient::ClientID
          DeliveryTicketsSameClient::DeliveryID = ItemsSameClient::DeliveryID

          Then you can place a portal to ItemsSameClient on your second tab and use this portal filter to leave out the items from the current delivery:

          ItemsSameClient::DeliveryID ≠ DeliveryTicket::DeliveryID

          This assumes that your layout is based on DeliveryTicket. (and please substitute your names for mine if you try to implement this solution.)