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Using multiple portals for one main record

Question asked by JanMoreland on Aug 2, 2012
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Using multiple portals for one main record


 The record I am working with has three log-tag fields that each have many related records associated with them. I am using the portal views to display all three groups of related records (which works fine) but I have a script that reads through each set of records to perform calculations. If I select the script for the first portal, it works great. However, when I get to the second portal view and my script does a 'go to the first portal record' it goes back to the first portal. Is there any way to force the script to see and use the second or third portal? I am using a screen with tabs. The first tab(s) display fields from the main record and I have three tabs that display each portal view. On each of the portal view tabs, I have a button to perform a script. Even though I execute the button/script from the second portal view tab, the 'go to first portal record' goes back to the first set of records.