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    Using multiple related data records - FMP 5-6?



      Using multiple related data records - FMP 5-6?


      I have a FMP 5-6 db (old, I know) on a Mac in which I need to allow the user to pull related field values as if a one-to-one relationship.  That is, if a Person record has related records of favorite colors with values of red, purple and green, I want to be able to pull those values either for export or use in a "merge" layout so that all values are represented as a field or multiple fields for that person.


      A simple export to a csv from the Person file yields multiple records for each person, one for each related record.  I want one export record per person with a field or fields listing each of these related values.  A repeating field might suffice for this purpose but I don't have much experience with them.  Alternatively, I could use a way to do this within FMP (using merge fields). 


      Moving to FMP 7+ may not be feasible in this case.  It's for a cash strapped npo.


      Thanks so much.

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          Using such an old version of filemaker does limit your options here.


          You could pull the data together in this fashion with a script as long as you run this script after each edit that would change your list or related records...


          Use Go to Related records to isolate your group of related records.

          Select a layout where only the fields you want to pull data from are listed.

          Use Copy All Records to copy this data to the clip board

          Paste this text into a text field.

          The pasted date will be in the format:




          You can then use the subsitute function in a calculation field ( or set field) to replace the tab and return characters with other characters if you need to.

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            Thanks.  I'll give it a go and report back.