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Using multiple related data records - FMP 5-6?

Question asked by CPSEN on Apr 6, 2010
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Using multiple related data records - FMP 5-6?


I have a FMP 5-6 db (old, I know) on a Mac in which I need to allow the user to pull related field values as if a one-to-one relationship.  That is, if a Person record has related records of favorite colors with values of red, purple and green, I want to be able to pull those values either for export or use in a "merge" layout so that all values are represented as a field or multiple fields for that person.


A simple export to a csv from the Person file yields multiple records for each person, one for each related record.  I want one export record per person with a field or fields listing each of these related values.  A repeating field might suffice for this purpose but I don't have much experience with them.  Alternatively, I could use a way to do this within FMP (using merge fields). 


Moving to FMP 7+ may not be feasible in this case.  It's for a cash strapped npo.


Thanks so much.