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Using Multiple Serial Numbers based on a field

Question asked by AntonRiehl on Jan 4, 2013
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Using Multiple Serial Numbers based on a field



     I'm relatively new to setting up a database in Filemaker, and I have run into an issue while trying to generate serial numbers. I am creating a database of music, and need to have different serial numbers for every song based on genre.

     For example, if I have 4 genres: Rock, Pop, Classical, and Country I need to have an incremental code per genre like RCK0001, RCK0002, RCK0003, POP0001, CLSCL0001, CNTRY0001, etc. Is there an easy way to make this happen?


     I also have a running serial number that is based on year such as ISRC1300001 (where the first 4 characters are a code, the 13 is the year, and the 00001 is the serial number). I already have this portion working, but I need to have the serial number 000001 reset when the year changes to 2014. I know this should be done with a script, but I can't quite figure that out. 


     Any help would be greatly appreciated.




     (p.s. sorry for bringing up the similar topic of serial numbers, I just wasn't able to find this particular topic among the numerous existing topics...)