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Using Network Printer via FileMaker Pro

Question asked by on Dec 19, 2008
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Using Network Printer via FileMaker Pro




I am developing a multi user FileMaker project. Some users print documents by the printer connected to another machine in the local network. But there is some problem with using network printers.


Let me explain with an example.

The User A has a two printers (Printer 1 and Printer2) and share them over the network. User B generally use Printer 1 and it is default printer for User B. But some document must be writen by Printer 2. User B select Printer 2 from print dialog box and click print button, but Printer 1 prints an empty file and no action in Printer 2.



I added Page Setup script step to configure printer as Printer 2, but it always shows Printer 1 in print dialog box. I changed default printer as Printer 2 but it does not work too.



Printer 1 and Printer 2 can be used any other application in User B, such as Office applications.



How can I solve this problem?


Thanks in advance



F. Osman Cabi