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Using ODBC to Communicate with other DBs

Question asked by LeoCA on Mar 20, 2009
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Using ODBC to Communicate with other DBs


We are currently using FileMaker Pro 8.5 as Local Host and shared among users (about 10 users).  The DB file is on a shared folder of the network.

All users are general users (from the view of OS), including Application Manager and Programmers, without OS administrator's rights.

Software installation is done by IT Department.  We want to have our FileMaker Application be able to communicate with other DBs (both ways), such as MS Access. We understand this involves installing ODBC and JDBC drivers, which requires request for IT's help.  We try to expedite communication time with IT.


Can anyone give us some idea about what type of information IT will need to help us (any checklist, etc.)? Do we need anything other than general user's right to operate these DB inter connectivity for our Applications after drivers are installed.


Any input is appreciated.