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    Using one check from Checkbox set as filter for Portal?



      Using one check from Checkbox set as filter for Portal?


           I am using a checkbox field to represent the 12 months of the year. The checkbox field is in the "customer tablet" and is suppose to tells us when a customer wants to be visited.

           My next step was to setup a script behind the filter of a portal tool that will display the service needed each month.

           In that script window I wanted to tell the filter to only show me "[X] mai" for example. (ore tell it to filter the other months out)

           My problem is that I don't know how to Identify one checkbox field? It feels like a total beginners problem but I am not finding the explanation on the web. perhaps searching wit the wrong keywords. Can somebody help me out a little bit?

           (I will later add a drop down list with all the months so I can choose witch month gets displayed in the portal)

           more detail:

           The checkbox field is = Customer::Cboxmonths

           The value list for the checkbox is maid from custom values i maid and is called "12months" containing 12 values displayed "jan", "feb", "mar", "apr", "mai", "jun", "jul", "agu", "sep", "okt", "nov", "des".

           Running Filemaker 12 pro.

           Best regards


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               Not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( customer::CboxMonths ; Left ( MonthName ( ServiceTable::ServiceDate ) ; 3 ) ) )

               After selecting a different month in the CboxMonths field, you can use Refresh Window ( Flush Cached Join Results ) to refresh the list of records in the portal filter or you can define a calculation field in ServiceTable as: Left ( MonthName ( ServiceTable::ServiceDate ) ; 3 ), include it as a match field in the relationship matching to: cBoxMonths and not use a portal filter at all. The result will update in your portal without the extra script step.