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Using one portal to add info to different existing records???

Question asked by LettieWaller on Jul 10, 2012
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Using one portal to add info to different existing records???


Hi There,


I'm trying to use Filemaker pro to build a database that records projects in our metal fabrication workshop. So far I have a clients table with a portal that creates a record in the projects table. I also have a purchase orders table for ordering materials. Sometimes we use a purchase order to order from only one supplier but for different projects. I want to use the project ID in the purchase orders table so that the information is added to the relevant project record and expenditure can be tracked. I am currently trying to use a portal for this, but can only get the portal to create a whole new project record rather than add info to an existing one. I'm not sure if I can get a portal to do this or if there is a different method I should be using, or a combination of methods.


I am VERY new to this so please let me know if you require more info than this. I am slowly getting used to the filemaker jargon but may need some things explaining in simpler ways- sorry!


Any help at all would be really appreciated.


Many many thanks.